Good Morning, World: International Morning @ Salon RH

Start Salon RH Suisse with a little bit of international air and join us for the International Morning: Switzerland is not a remote island, but plays of course a vivid role in this globalized world.

Experts will share their knowledge and their insights on stage of this new format. Afterwards, attendees will have the possibility to meet the speakers to ask further questions and continue the discussion with them. Following experts, among others, will take part in the International Morning:


Get even more insights: meet the speakers

If just listening to the experts on stage is not enough for you, come and meet them afterwards at the International Morning Lounge (booth K.17). Don’t miss the opportunity to further discuss certain issues from the presentations, ask questions, exchange ideas and experiences, and network with them.


09:20 - 09:50

Forum 3

Ross Hamilton

The challenges and opportunities of an agile global workforce
Ross Hamilton, Deloitte AG

Employees are seeking more flexibility than ever before in relation to their working arrangements. At the same time, employers need to leverage the value of their global workforce whilst operating in an ever- changing complex global environment. This session will look at some of the key disrupters that present new challenges and opportunities for organisations as they seek to ensure that they have both an agile and effective global workforce.

Topics: HR worldwide

10:00 - 10:30

Forum 3

Annika Månsson

Why happiness at work matters – And what to do about it!
Annika Månsson, Fondatrice, Happy at Work 

What’s the link between happiness and productivity? Studies show that people who feel unhappy at work experience more stress and conflicts, are less productive and get sick more often. Studies also show that happy workplaces do much better than unhappy ones. They make more money, achieve their goals more rapidly and deal better with change.
But how do we develop happiness at work? What does it take to create happy workplaces? Who is responsible for that? Get the answers in this inspiring conference, where we reveal what happiness at work is, why it matters and how to get it. 

Speaker Details: Vita: Annika Månsson, Founder of Happy at Work ltd, has built up over 10 years of experience in a wide range of multicultural sectors in more than 12 countries. Expert in Happiness at work, leadership, multi-cultural interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence, she inspires teams and individuals through her keynotes, trainings and coaching in companies like Novartis, Scandinavian Airlines, FIBA, Baxter, Adecco and many others around the world.

Annika holds a Master’s degree in marketing and worked for 15 years at the Danone group, where she held a range of managerial positions for the Evian brand, in the areas of marketing and communication. She is also a qualified coach and certified practitioner in MBTI®, Belbin®, NLP and Prosci change management.

Originally from Sweden, Annika claims that happiness at work is not a luxury! It's essential for us to be successful!

11:30 - 12:15

Forum 3

Irène Righetti

Panel Discusions 
«Le monde de travail se flexibilise: Quels sont les défis qui en découlent pour les RH?»
Irène Righetti, Fondée de pouvoir, Swissstaffing- Verband der Personaldienstleister der Schweiz Verband Arbeitgeber 

Employés, employeurs, monde de l’économie: les besoins évoluent très rapidement dans la sphère du travail. Des plateformes de recrutement en ligne se sont établies. Les «gigs» ont le vent en poupe. De nombreuses nouvelles technologies sont devenues une aide incontournable. Quels sont les défis qui en découlent pour les RH? Quelles sont les méga tendances à attendre? En même temps, toutes ces perspectives constituent un réel challenge pour nombre de travailleurs. Comment pouvons-nous aider ces personnes à se mettre à jour? Une discussion avec des experts de la branche de recrutement. Modération: Irène Righetti, fondée de pouvoir, swissstaffing. 

Topics:  HR worldwide, Recruiting, retention, HR Marketing 
Level of Knowledge: Open to all 
Target Group:  Recruiter, Managing director /responsible for personnel

12:25 - 12:55

Forum 3

présentée par Performant AG

13:05 - 13:35

Forum 3

Ileana Christodorescu

Pension Benefits: What’s in for HR?
Ileana Christodorescu, PhD, Principal, Mercer Suisse SA

Pension benefits, and more particularly the Swiss second pillar, are an important part of the package employers offer to their current and future employees. Do HR departments use these benefits to the full possible extent in attracting and keeping talents?.

Topics:  Occupational pension schemes, Salary, gratification, payroll, incentive systems 
Presented by: IHRC International Human Resource Community 
Target Group:  Open to all 
Speaker Details: Vita: Ileana joined Mercer in 2015. She has a PhD, is a Swiss Accredited Pension Fund Actuary CSEP and a Senior Actuarial Consultant in the retirement department in Mercer’s Nyon office. Following her studies in pure and applied mathematics and a PhD in numerical analysis, Ileana specialized as an actuary for Swiss pension funds and has been working in this field for about 20 years. She's a pension fund expert since 2006 and has worked for small and large companies all over Switzerland. Beside her experience in local funding for Swiss pension funds, she also has knowledge and experience in international accounting. Ileana speaks French, Romanian, English and German.


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